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About the Owner & Business

Hello my name is Issac Rice I started Rice's Auto & Recovery as an Idea, this turned into a mission. This mission was to take my personal values into the world of automotive repair to positively impact those we come in contact with! These values or "pillars" that I have lived by are Discipline, Integrity, and to Always leave others better than when you found them.

I spent almost half a decade as an automation technician and have a degree in robotics. I have been working on cars and trucks for over 7 years with experience in European, Asian, Domestic, Hybrid, and Diesel repair. I hope to earn your trust and provide the highest quality auto repair in the market!

Transparency is Everything!

Each Vehicle that comes to Rice’s Auto gets a full Digital Vehicle inspection consisting of pictures, videos, and notes to create an in-depth idea of the current state of your vehicle. We will walk you through the entire report to clearly explain your car’s issues and we will assist you with whatever you need to get the best possible outcome.


If your inspection shows that you need more repairs than previously thought, we will categorize the repairs based on how urgent the repair is. 


We also use a digital estimating program to be able to transparently be able to convey price over the phone. Each repair is at your discretion and it is encouraged for you to ask questions during this part of the process.


With this system you will never see a single unexpected charge or any extra parts without your approval! The Idea for Rice’s Auto is to be able to ensure you are safe and leave surprised by our superior service taking care of you!

Want the best Auto Repair in Vincennes?

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